Now that Spring is here, the busy home selling season is upon us. Are you thinking about putting your house on the market? If you are ready to make the leap, there are several smart steps you can take to save a significant amount of money, time, and hassle.

Since we’ve found that almost every single home seller we’ve worked with is looking to maximize profits, sell in the quickest timeframe possible and have someone else manage and overlook the many details of a home sale transaction, keep reading to learn what smart sellers know. And don’t forget to contact us if you’re thinking of selling your home.

1. Spruce It Up
If you’ve been in your house for a while, there are likely a few little things (and maybe some bigger ones, too) that need fixing. If you’re not handy, hire a local repair person to tackle these tasks. Every light fixture and outlet should work, faucets shouldn’t drip or squeak, doors should open and close easily, and locks should fasten and open with keys without issue. Broken items should be repaired, replaced, or removed. Anything that you’ve created a “work-around” for should be remedied before the home goes up for sale.

2. Scour and Scrub

Get your house shiny and clean, shimmering and glimmering for everyone who walks through your front door. Before that “For Sale” sign goes up, you (or someone you hire) should be deep cleaning your house so that it looks stellar the moment that first potential buyer arrives at your doorstep. Clear out cabinets and closets, drawers and cubbies, nooks and crannies of excess clutter. Clean every space, including corners, windows, fixtures and more. Get ready to show your house, not your dust or your stuff!

3. Stage It
After all is clean and fixed, it’s time to stage and sell. This is where you – or hired professionals – create welcoming vignettes in each room, enticing buyers to linger and get excited about your home, creating a vision for buyers so they can imagine themselves living comfortably and happily there. Less is often more, so don’t be surprised if a stager only uses half of your furniture and requests that you put the other half in storage!

4. Start the Clock
Figure out your timeline and constraints for your home sale. If you need to stay in your house until a specific date, convey that information to us immediately. We will work with your timeline to have the buyers accept your limitations while still remaining flexible to accommodate offers and varied schedules of would-be buyers.

5. Smart Pricing
Price is paramount. A real estate professional – like us – can advise you on the value of your home. To support your home’s listing price, we’ll compare recent sales, examine current inventory, determine the condition of your home, check out your home’s amenities, and then arrive at a price that is likely to entice buyers to buy your home in the quickest amount of time, and for the highest price.

6. Secure a Professional
Before you make a move to sell, you need to secure the services of a real estate professional. We can help you before listing to explain what fix-ups make sense, what amenities buyers are looking for in our market and how to price to sell. During the time the house is for sale, we can provide feedback from all buyer visits to your home, evaluate all purchase offers and negotiate for the best price and terms. After the sale we’re here to help you find a new home. And, if you’re moving further than our area, our referral network is available to assist you no matter where you next choose to put down roots.