Want to attract multiple offers? Not every seller – or every property – is suited for a bidding war strategy. First, you’ll need a sought-after location, attractive schools, family-friendly amenities, and a desirable property – all of which are often beyond your control.

Here, though, are some steps that you can take that are in your control:

1. Price slightly under market. By using price trends, comparables, and perhaps a paid appraisal, we’ll help you fine-tune a price that attracts local buyers. Local data will help you arrive at the most attractive price.
2. Stage your home. Great staging means creating inviting online photos that make each room look move-in ready. Professional staging boosts curb appeal and that critical walk-through wow-factor to grab “pre-sold” buyers who liked what they saw first online.
3. Coordinate marketing. To maximize exposure during the critical first days of your listing, we’ll position your home with a crafted marketing plan that spreads the word to local brokers working with active buyers, and maximizes online and offline exposure to reach serious buyers fast.
4. Call for offers. Using our professional network of local agents, we may call for “highest and best” offers from buyers, asking them to submit final offers at their highest price. Then you can evaluate the best offer for you.

You’ve made your home a labor of love. Now is the time to get the highest price possible! Let us show you how.